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Handmade Concrete Pots in Studio
Charlotte Jonerheim Founder of Heim Design
Craftsmanship with concrete - my story

I am originally from Sweden and came to London many years ago to study art. I have a solid background in fine art, from foundation through to BA with a Masters from Chelsea school of Art  

Having trained as a sculptor, heimdesign started as a business out of love for making and an interest in tactile surfaces. I have been making objects for a few years now, and a few ended up as film stars, when they where used as props for Channel 5 series Electric Dreams, Phillip K Dick, in the episode Crazy Diamonds with Steve Buscemi.

I started researching into replacing sand, wanting to make them ultra light as well as giving each object its individual identity.

The sand is replaced with different plant minerals. I use Vermiculate in normal Portland cement and Perlite in white cement.

I am interested in the negative surface of what I cast, and search for this when thinking off the finished product. Once out of the mould I either add and emphasise a distinct feature or erase a feature to create a new dimension to the product. Part of the handmade process is also the occurrence of imperfection, which I see as being part of its aesthetics and gives character to each object, making each piece unique.

This is where my background as a sculptor and fine artist plays a major role; I see them as small pieces of sculptures.

I often make my own moulds putting different elements together, to create a unique product!

Let’s work together

If you want something made just for you - contact me and I would be happy to make it!

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